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Apostle John recites Revelation - Man of Words Theatre


A Dramatic Recitation of the Book of Revelation as told by the aged Apostle John
Performed by Man of Words.

"I want people to be blessed in the hearing of this book. As an oral interpreter, I believe that the best way to experience this promised blessing is to see the words through John-- "...the one who heard and saw these things." That is my conviction. And this is what my commitment to providing this for you entails: Because this is the most mentally and emotionally demanding material that I have ever performed, the delivery requires the highest level of concentration and involvement of empathy and characterization.  On top of that, as sacred literature, it requires a spiritual involvement as well, an engagement of many elements of faith as a believer. The combined theatrical and spiritual aspects of my performance demand that I strive for perfection in keeping the material sharp.

"Your dramatic presentation of The Revelation brought it's messages to life for me. That is, words became events in the soul like hope and sorrow. I'll not read the Revelation again without remembering this transforming experience."

Mark H.
To achieve this, I must continually commit to rehearsing the complete 90-100 minute presentation on a daily basis. I share this with you to give you a picture of my commitment to bringing you a presentation of the highest value.

I am quite sure that there is no other presentation like this in the entire world. That is, a dramatic recitation of the book of Revelation from the character of the Apostle John. My first performance was in 1989 for the missionary organization that I had served with for nine years in the Watts District of L.A. I later performed a portion of it for the Interpretive Speech class that I taught at Northwest Christian College in 2003. In 2013 I have returned to it and hope to perform it for the rest of my life. Although my approach to performing Revelation has changed over the years, my primary goal remains the same: To enable you to feel what John felt and see what John saw—Heaven."

Rickie Birran

The word, revelation, comes from the Latin word revelare, meaning “to uncover something hidden or unknown.” The Greek word is translated apocalypse and is used in identifying a type of prophetic literature featuring end-of-time judgment of this world and visions of the next. Apocalyptic literature is highly symbolic and filled with rich, vivid imagery which here sets the stage for God’s revealing prophecy. While written thousands of years ago to the “Church”, it is deeply personal and contains specific exhortations and hope for believers.

Revelation was written approximately 95 A.D. by the Apostle John, who was exiled on the island of Patmos off the coast of Asia Minor. The Roman Emperor, Domitian (A.D. 81-96), demanded that everyone worship him as God. Believers who refused were imprisoned, tortured, exiled, or killed. For them, the messages of Revelation—the conflict of good and evil, the ultimate victory of God over Satan, the final judgment of the enemies of God, the reward of the faithful… were timely.

Lasting over 90 minutes, this one-act, word-for-word (NIV) presentation is set in the year 96 A.D. John, in his early 90’s, has returned from exile and is visiting the seven churches of Asia Minor to whom Revelation is addressed. The last remaining apostle, John was known in his youth as “The Son of Thunder”, and later as, The “Apostle of Love”. We now see him as, The Man Who Saw Heaven.

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